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Feature Request for Alerting


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I found this tool very usefull specially now summer time hot weather, specially the shutdown thing :D:lol:

Just a tiny request: ;)

  1. Sending repetative alert interval in minute (Hour is too long for me, I prefer it reminds after 5, 10 or 15 minutes)
  2. Add more CPU treads for AIDA64 Alerting (Some heavy application dalays the alerting)
  3. Include "Alert action" in the columns (So i wont look in Configuration for checking)
  4. Item rearrange (Move up and Move Down)

Also I foud a bug in the Preferences Form

  1. Most controls are not anchored in the right side of the form (When I try to resize it's width, some controls maintain their width)

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Valid points are listed there. We do have plans about a revamped Alerting module where we'll make the changes you requested.

As for the controls in the Preferences window, they only follow the width change of the Preferences window if it makes sense to widen the control further than its default size. When there's no benefit from making the controls wider, they keep their size intact. Due to long lists in the Preferences, height for most listviews are automatically adjusted to benefit from the height increase of the Preferences window.

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