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Sensor panel Feature request


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Sensor panel Feature request


Update frequency per item



So I can make a sensor panel similarly to the system stability test


for example

I want the temperatures to update every 5 seconds

CPU utilization in every 1 seconds

Memory utilization in every 3 seconds

Voltages in every 10 seconds


Adding shapes


just the basic shapes such as line, oval and especially rectangle

to help grouping the items

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Update frequency per item: We don't have plans on making such customizations possible.  The SensorPanel is already too complicated for many AIDA64 users, so we wouldn't add such a layer that would make it even more complicated without actual benefits to most users.


Adding shapes: We may add those sometime in the future, but it's not high priority, since most SensorPanels feature a background image anyway.  And on the background image it's quite easy to draw any shapes using Paint, Photoshop or any other image editing software.




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you can make a box in some way:


make a graph with no grid, labels or background and set the graph range so it's out of the expected range of the monitored item so the line doesn't show up.


forex this transparent red line box on a rog background: (ofc. you could also do solid ones by using a background color)




I did like this:




it's not the most charming solution but it does give you a way to group.

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