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Sabertooth X79 Chassis Fan Speeds

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I'm really impressed with this program and with the incredible response to user's problems.   I have just returned to building my own system after nearly 15 years of Dell and HP.  I have set up an extra monitor strictly for hardware monitoring and my Aida Sensor Panel occupies a good portion of it.  I have only 2 requests.  The newest version (June 17) still only shows data for 1 chassis fan although the Asus ATKEX shows all four.  I have attached the sensor dump files.


The other request is more general - would it be possible to have minimum and maximum values for the temperatures and a reset button?  This would eliminate the necessity for loading other programs for this specific reason.






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1) On your system AIDA64 gets confused, because you've got Asus AI Suite II installed, and -- I suppose -- you've renamed the fan labels in it.  When AI Suite II is installed, AIDA64 doesn't use its low-level EC sensor functions, and relies on AI Suite II calls to gather sensor information.  And that only works properly as long as you use the default labels.  You can revert back to the default labels, or uninstall AI Suite II to make the fans appear properly in AIDA64.


2) Minimum, maximum and average sensor readings are available in the System Stability Test (main menu / AIDA64 / Tools / System Stability Test).  You can use the Clear button there to reset the values.




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That's because even when AI Suite II is installed, AIDA64 can still read the sensor values that are measured by the onboard Nuvoton sensor chip, but not the ones measured by the Embedded Controller.  When AIDA64 (or any other software for that matter) reads Embedded Controller registers while AI Suite II is also installed, a collision may occur that could cause system lockup or BSoD.  We -- and a few AIDA64 users as well -- have already contacted Asus and asked them to fix AI Suite II to make it synchronized with other monitoring software (like AIDA64, HWMonitor, HWiNFO, SpeedFan, SIV, etc), but they refuse to cooperate with anybody :(  Hence we had to implement the workaround to go through AI Suite II driver calls to get sensor readings -- but as you can see, it only works when the sensor labels aren't renamed.

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You know that's a funny story.


I've got an Asus Sabertooth Z77 and Z87 motherboard and would love to dump AI Suite II and III but can't because speedfan does not fully support the sensors and fans. It can only see a small portion of the temperature sensors and cannot control or monitor the Assistant fans.


So i'm stuck between a rock and a hard place


Lucky for me Aida64 and its support staff are excellent so i make do with Aida64 and AI Suite though i really wish i could dump the latter

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