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Any conflict between two monitoring softwares running together ?


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I happened upon a thread on an Overclock forum site regarding the running of more than one system monitor software at a time. The post stated this advice to a gentleman using four monitoring programs: “Only have one of those applications open at one time - this stops polling issues and read errors.†Since the thread was closed/locked, I couldn’t pose the following question, so I post it here.  


Does this wisdom apply with having AddGadgets’ “All CPU Meter†and AIDA64 SensorPanel both running at the same time in terms of both polling CPU utilization (usage)? Might there be polling issues and read errors?

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CPU utilization measurement shouldn't collide with each other, even without synchronization.

What would cause a collision is the low-level hardware interrogation features, like sensor readings (temperature, voltage, fan speed measurement).  But most of the software out there are synchronized together, so only those software could cause a headache that don't use synchronization.  Some of the software that do use synchronization:


AIDA64 (of course ;) )






Motherboard Monitor

MSI Afterburner





One of the software that doesn't use synchronization, even though their authors were asked numerous times to do so: Asus AI Suite.

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GPU-Z can still crash(white/coloured screen) a Kepler GPU if opened along side Aida64, I've confirmed this first hand.


HWMon can still crash a gpu (black screen or fan speed unreliable) if run along side aida64, precision, etc on Fermi gpu's (not sure about kepler).


Speedfan + Aida64 on Asus boards can cause fans and voltages to go missing (Winbond collision?)

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