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USB 3.0 little issues


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Hi there, it's my first message into the new Aida64 since the end of Lavalys, I've tried Aid64 and i found the icons were better before! But it's not a big deal.

Anyway i have some issues with USB 3.0 Nec PCI-X 1x internal card. When i view USB, into Devices, if i check my external USB3.0 HDD, i can see this:

Supported USB Version 3.00

Current Speed Unknown

Seems like it cannot detect the current speed , duno why?

Also when i go into SMART for my external HDD (USB3.0), it sometimes very long to refresh the display of the smart counters in the right pane.


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I can help you out with one thing, the icons.

Goto File>Preferences>General> . On the right hand pane, in the middle, you can switch between three different icon sets.

Thank you very much, i feel much better with my good old xp icons!

One more thing i noticed, sometimes i got a GMCH1 sensor and after some seconds it's disappearing. I had the same issue with Everest. Config: Asus notebook (Chipset NB: Intel Crestline-PM PM965 and SB: Intel 82801HBM ICH8-DO, sensor: CPU, HDD, Asus NB ACPI)

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