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Nested paging (Phenom II X4 965)


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AIDA64 is right there. The CPUID registers of your processor reflect:

* CPUID[8000_0001_ECX] bit2 = 0 which means SVM (Secure Virtual Machine) is not supported.

* CPUID[8000_000A_EDX] bit0 = 0 which means NP (Nested Paging) is not supported.

You can check those values and other CPUID registers in the AMD CPUID Specification:


To fix that, make sure to check if Secure Virtual Machine support is enabled in the BIOS Setup.



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phenom II 965 supports nested paging for sure. I used it with virtualbox. also if virtualization wasn't enabled in bios then hyper-v won't run. hyper-v needs 64bit support and hardware virtualization to run.

maybe aida64 can't read those registers because hyper-v is already running. I'll check this with winpe and I'll start aida64 from there.

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I'm not saying your CPU doesn't support those features :D I'm just saying AIDA64 reflects that information correctly, based on the registers of your CPU. Maybe your processor has its reasons to hide those features, or pretend it doesn't support them...

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