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Logitech G19 Graphs and Charts on LCD Screen


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Yes I totally agree. I literally just bought a G19 and after trying the trial id defo buy the full version of you had more g19 flashy functionality.

Graphs for:


Internet download speed

CPU/GPU temps

or indeed any other data that can be expressed over time.

Another cool feature would be to have the skype video box pop up in the middle when you have an incoming call and all the items re-adjust to a slimlime version just below. Really though the skype box is not as important as realtime graphs. Also support for animated gif files for background/overlay icons would be excellent. You could also add a feature that allows it to change icons when the core temp reaches a certain level so you see a animated fire logo flashing for example.

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We're currently working on the new SensorPanel feature:

Once it reaches a mature stage, we'll put the new features of the SensorPanel into the LCD module too. So you'll be able to put bars and graphs on the Logitech LCD as well.

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