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ATI Radeon HD 4250 iGPU 0% utilization reading (MS-7641)

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I am experiencing zero reading in integrated GPU utilization

I'm not using the driver from Windows update, I only use the driver from MSI Live Update

AMD system monitor and MSI afterburner gets the right utilization values


Also +5V and +12V readings are wrong


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Sir I have new Issue

CPU, CPU core, Motherboard temperature have swapped values

Mother board temp is I think for CPU core
CPU temp is I think for motherboard
CPU core temp is I think for CPU
- I don't know if this is only for my CPU and board combination


.. also I think even they are corrected those values slightly wrong


I have figured it out using the Stress tests



and thank you in advanced :)

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CPU core temperature is measured by the CPU itself, using its on-die thermal diode. So it cannot be swapped by any other temperatures.


As for CPU vs. motherboard temperature, can you please post a screen shot that shows the CPU and motherboard temperature graphs while running the AIDA64 System Stability Test?  Make sure to use only the FPU subtest, since it puts the highest thermal stress on the CPU.

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      For some reason the GPGPU Benchmark screen shows different specs for the Intel HD4400 iGPU compared to what the GPU section in the main AIDA64 program shows.
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