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fixed: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-SOC Force sensor issues


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Hi Fiery,


yea seems AIDA64 display VCCIOA voltage slightly (-) offset.

Set in BIOS to 1.18V,please have a look pic bellow:




Also,can you implement VRING voltage reading from ITE , as we have also for Z87 system.




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That VRING doesn't come from the motherboard or the motherboard sensor chip.  It's not the VRING you've got used on GA-Z87 family motherboards.


Those values that HWMonitor displays may come from calls to ICC.  AIDA64 doesn't use ICC calls.

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What I mean is... The fact that a GA-Z87 board could monitor VRING voltage in the UEFI Setup and via the Gigabyte monitoring software doesn't automatically mean the same voltage rail could be monitored with a successor board (GA-Z97).  AFAIK VRING voltage measurement is missing from both the UEFI Setup or in Gigabyte monitoring software on GA-Z97 boards.

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OK Fiery.

For Z87 board, ET didnn't display VRING voltage (just checked),instead is same as Z97.


Just posted pic to Martin,as HWiNFO got some slightly offset (VCCIOA and VRING values):

Gigabyte ET and GTL display correct values





OK, I take multimeter and values are:





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Hi Fiery,


beta 2954 Vcore change (VID voltage?).......in beta 2946 ..OK.

The rest remain same (no change)....VCCIOA offset - 0.012V


Going back to beta 2946.


Vcore Beta 2946....Beta 2954



Vcore HWMonitor....Beta 2946....HWiNFO






VCCIOA measured by digital multimeter......1.1805V



No chance for VRING reading?

HWiNFO and SIV use same method from Z87 system (with slightly offset)...and is working well.

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1) We've replaced Vcore reading with VID because Vcore reading shows very low values when the CPU enters C1E.  VID shows a more realistic value for a CPU core voltage than the actual Vcore reading.


2) We'll add the +0.012V offset for the VCCIOA voltage in the next AIDA64 beta release.


3) As I've explained above, your Z97 motherboard doesn't seem to be able to monitor VRING voltage.

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I still prefer previous Vcore reading.


If I set all power saving to disable,Vcore display max.value (which is different then VID value).

With C3 and C6/7 state enabled....voltage drop (together with temperatures) what is normal for me.

I will check now with C1E enabled...will edit post....


This new beta remain me of CPU-Z (max.VID voltage always)......which also affect BCLK reading

and core speed.



Enabled C1E,C3 and C6/7 state....for me nothing wrong in beta 2946..pic:


Vcore (fluctuate)....0.0360V





Latest CPU-Z:


Vcore.....max.VID (always).....(as latest AIDA64 beta 2954)

Core speed....should be 4600 MHz

Bus speed......should be 100 MHZ



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0.036V doesn't seem like valid value for CPU core voltage, especially if you consider the VID value when the CPU is idle.  That's what I meant above, that's why we've replaced Vcore reading with VID.


As for CPU-Z, please note that we are not the authors of CPU-Z, so we cannot fix any bugs you may find in that software.

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On certain Gigabyte and MSI motherboards we use VID as Vcore, yes.  And we're aware of the fact that Gigabyte and MSI software displays the same very low Vcore values, but those values in AIDA64 caused user confusions and several users approached to us complaining about them.  Not easy to make a proper sensor measurement solution when the values are suspicious in the first place...

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Please  upgrade to the latest beta version of AIDA64 Extreme available at:



In this build we've reverted back to the native Vcore measurement (on both Gigabyte 8-series and 9-series boards, as well as on MSI 8-series boards), in order to provide power-users with a more accurate Vcore measurement when the CPU is under load.  For the rest of the AIDA64 users base we'll explain the issue of very low Vcore at idle when it's necessary ;)


We've also implemented the requested offset for VCCIOA.

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