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Cooling Fans disappeared once ASUS AI Suite 3 was installed


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Under the Computer\Sensor\Coolings Fans I was able to see and monitor my Chassis Fans 1, 2 and 3 along with the Optional fans.  After Installing the Asus AI Suite 3 the chassis fans are not detected.


I uninstalled AI Suite 3, uninstalled 4.50.3000 of AIDA64 and reinstalled and rebooted the PC and the Chassis fans are still not yet detected.  I've been evaluating AIDA64 prior to purchasing it.  However, this is a feature that just stopped working on me and makes me a little uncomfortable that this happened.


How can this work again?  What is the fix?


I am using ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition motherboard.

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Please note that even after uninstallation, AI Suite tends to leave behind its NT services that are still running after Windows restart, and still collide with hardware monitoring applications like AIDA64.  You have to manually remove those services.




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Thank you so much for the tip...I spent over 10 hrs. trying to figure out what went wrong.  I kind of figured it was the Asus AI Suite 3 that cause the issue but wasn't sure.  I just can't beleive that ASUS does not do clean install of that application which by the way to me is pretty useless and resource extensive.  I had installed it to see what it was all about and within 5 minutes of going thru it I uninstalled it.


I googled the issue and found the solution.  Here are the links for anyone else having this issue.




link to the cleaner file: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B926...=sharing&pli=1

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