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Alienware x17 - fans monitoring through sensor panel issue


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    • By Maoxian
      Why doesn't my AIDA64 show the fan speed?
      The model is aliwenware 17R5 
      But my app can display the fan speed as the temperature

    • By RJP
      Under the Computer\Sensor\Coolings Fans I was able to see and monitor my Chassis Fans 1, 2 and 3 along with the Optional fans.  After Installing the Asus AI Suite 3 the chassis fans are not detected.
      I uninstalled AI Suite 3, uninstalled 4.50.3000 of AIDA64 and reinstalled and rebooted the PC and the Chassis fans are still not yet detected.  I've been evaluating AIDA64 prior to purchasing it.  However, this is a feature that just stopped working on me and makes me a little uncomfortable that this happened.
      How can this work again?  What is the fix?
      I am using ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition motherboard.
    • By susmsum
      After receiving my Alienware M17xR4, I experiencend two weeks later a strange behavior. After booting the system the CPU and GPU fan stopped turning. This caused a thermal shutdown as soon as the temperatures rised up to 105°C. Even in idle state, the temperature went from normal approx. 50°C up to 60°-70°C. This was a clear indication, that the fan did not worked anymore. I did loadtests with prime95 to force higher load and temperature.
      I documented most of my tests, which could help DELL to solve the issue. The document is in German. nevertheless, you'll figure out the pictures and the youtube links within the following PDF file : https://dl.dropbox.c...blem_public.pdf - (on request I translate the test document in english).
      I send this to DELL and they send a technician which replaced the CPU cooling Fan and the Processor Heat Sink. without success. the system fan's stopped turning shortly after booting the system and the temperature went up again. Then they send the technician a second time. He replaced the Graphic card and the GPU Fan. And guess what, no success. still the same behavior.
      I updated the test documentation and asked DELL for a solution. well, they will replace now the whole system with a new one within the next weeks. one day after they confirmed my replacement I found a single report in a german alienware forum (http://www.aw-commun....html#post43671). This guy reported the same problem as I had. He had the problem with Version 2.30.1900. After he went back to Version AIDA64 2.20.1800, the problem disapeard.
      Well I immediately removed AIDA64 from my system and rebooted the system. Since then I dont have this problem anymore. this is realy strange ! In the meantime I booted the system serveral times, stressed the CPU with prime95 and did load test with the GPU. The problem I've had, disappeard completely. Is this a coincident ? I dont think so. I assume that AIDA64 block the sensors or is influencing the control modul for the fan. maybe an API issue ?
      I can't proove this with log files, since I dont know if AIDA is providing this out of the box. But I give AIDA64 another try when my replacement system arrive in approx. 4 weeks and I will see, if this behavior will come back.
      In the meantime I stay away from using AIDA64 (as a longtime customer)
      Did someone of you discovered the same issue ?
      thumbs up
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