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Change Logitech G19 LCD Screen Startup Order


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There's no built-in facility in AIDA64 to solve such issues.  The easiest way is to close AIDA64, navigate to AIDA64 installation folder, find the file called AIDA64.INI (settings file), open it in Notepad, and find the lines starting with HWMonLCDItemQ (where Q stands for Logitech QVGA device, e.g. G19).  After the "Q" you can see the page number. You should change Q1 lines to Q4, and Q4 lines to Q1 to swap the two pages.  You don't have to deal with the order of the lines in the AIDA64.INI file, it doesn't matter.  Make sure to backup the original AIDA64.INI file before altering it ;)

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THANKS so much. Worked like a charm.


Any chance a drag & drop method of re-ordering these screens can be added?  Or a simpler on-screen method of renumbering the screens?


Now that AIDA64 has six screens I will be adding two more which means I may very well need to do some more re-ordering & a simpler way would be nice.




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We've implemented the requested drag&drop LCD page reordering trick in the latest beta version of AIDA64 Extreme available at:


Let me know how it works. Please note that at the time you perform the reordering, the page captions will be reordered as well, to indicate that you've performed a reordering. So e.g. after swapping Page 1 and Page 3, the page captions will look like: "Page 3 / Page 2 / Page 1 / Page 4". But, after you press the OK button and close the Preferences window, and reopen it again, the page captions will be restored to the default order of "Page 1 / Page 2 / Page 3 / Page 4". The pages content will however be kept as it should, so the content will be kept swapped.

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