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Icon VRM temperature sensors


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The icon in question isn't actually a battery icon, but more a generic power icon. It shows the battery in the background and a power plug in front of it. I admit, it's not the perfect icon to represent power delivery, power supply or a VRM, but there're other kind of VRMs that may or may not be directly related to the CPU, that's why we use a more generic power icon.



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Thank you for your answer

And these icons will not be good?


For the temperature of the cores and Vcore is the same icons, so for VRM, it could be the same



Our slight concern is the motherboard-integrated VRMs are not really inside the CPU package or even right next to the CPU socket in a strict sense. So using the CPU icon may not be closer to the truth than using the current icon.

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For the VRM temperature, the sensor is directly on the VRM I guess

It depends on the motherboard PCB layout. But it's a safe assumption that the temperature diode measuring VRM temperature is placed close enough to the VRM circuitry.

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