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Identifying hard drives


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So, I have an issue with having lots of hard drives and not being able to tell which one is which.


For example, I have 12 hard drives, many are the same make and model and size.  I am unable to tell which one is which looking at AIDA64 storage reports.


The only uniquely identifying attribute as far as I can tell is the serial number found in the ATA report.  However, this report does not tell me which logical drive this serial number is attached to.


Is there a way we can add a column on the logical drive report that has the physical hard drive serial number?  Or a column on the physical drive report that includes the serial number and the logical volume letter?


Or maybe a new report that has the combined column fields so that the physical and logical attributes are together on one page so that the drives can be easily identified?


I attached a screenshot of what I mean.  Drive 1, 2, and 3 are the same, can't tell which one is which as far as which one is drive F: and which one is drive G:, etc.  Samething for drives 11 and 12, 4 and 5, and so on.


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We've already tried to find a suitable Windows API call to match up logical drive letters with physical (like SATA, SAS or SCSI) drives, but haven't been able to find a perfect one yet. What we've found was not 100% reliable, and sometimes led to matching up the wrong drive with a particular drive letter :( We'll keep searching for the best solution, although the storage part of Windows API is overly complicated, and full of legacy calls mixed with modern features. Quite easy to get lost in there...

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Does anyone know if Windows 10 will enable AIDA64 to solve this problem of associating logical and physical hard drives in a reliable way?

AFAIK Windows 10 will not revamp the storage subsystem, so no, I don't think it would help.

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