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OCZ Vertex 460 SSD drives don't show in OSD


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MB: Asus X99-A bios 1702 (latest). I have two on the RAID-enabled connectors as RAID 0 and it's the boot OS volume. Both show on the main app, I show only 1 on the OSD configuration panel, but even when checked it doesn't show on the OSD. I'm running the latest beta 3417.




PS - I'm overclocking, if you need to know. Also the 4 Seagate drives on same controller as RAID 10 do show.

PPS - the OCZs are on the Sata Express-enabled connectors.

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I'll be hanged - I just migrated my data volume from HD RAID to an SSD RAID with Samsung EVO SSDs, and all 4 show up with temps alternating between 28c & 29c. Nice!

Samsung 840 Evo and 850 Evo SSDs indeed support temperature measurement ;)

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