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Setting Processor Affinity for Aida 64 with Start command

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I have 2 hexacore Intel Xeon processors (without HT) and I would like Aida 64 just to run on cores 6-11 (CPU 2). I can set affinity on the fly with with either Task Manager or Process Explorer, but when I try to use the Windows start command to do so, it doesn't work. Note, that I have 8 other apps running this way. Here's the command line from the BAT file:

start /b "" /AFFINITY 0xFC0 "D:\Program Files (x86)\FinalWire\AIDA64 Extreme\aida64.exe"

When I run this BAT file, I have "start with windows" turned off. I also tried changing the affinity mask settings in aida.sst.ini to:


But they apparently only control the stress test. Thanks in advance.

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AIDA64 overrides its own CPU affinity setting to make sure it can enumerate all available processors and can measure various properties of all logical processors in the system.



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Well there are ways to enforce affinity and priority as well.

It's a bit of trial and error but 1 of the following programs always does the trick:

First off try Microsoft SysInternals's Process Explorer. Digg in the tabs and you'll see al processes and by right clicking you can set affinity and prior.

If that doesn't work perfectly (some processes launch and close often and thus automatically reset affinity and priority to default).

You can try:

Process Lasso, walk through it and you will see that next to its auto rules, you can set your desired actions.

My favorite however is clever, little footprint, portable and insanely effective:

I previously Stumbled upon a small portable tool capable of setting a specific priority to a specific process. Its called Bill2’s

Process Manager v3.4.4.0 (Portable).

The site is french but the tool is not! A must have!


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