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Flow Sensor Duplication?


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The 5.20,3429 beta version appears to have duplication of flow sensors.


Aquasuite page:


version 5.20.3400:


version 5.20.3429:


Edit: It appears to have carried over into the Sensor Icons page also.

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Correct, I have the following installed:

● one aquaero 6 PRO - USB to MoBo

● two D5 pump motor with USB and aquabus interface - both USB to MoBo & both aquabus to aquaero

● one Flow sensor mps flow 400 - USB to MoBo & aquabus to aquaero

● one Pressure sensor mps pressure Delta 40 - USB to MoBo & aquabus to aquaero

Thank you. I think the issue is caused by an overflow in the AIDA64 sensor module. Somehow your D5 devices carry the same HID device ID and product string as MPS, and so AIDA64 tries to handle them as MPS. And since you've got five AquaComputer devices in total (incl. the Aquaero), the 4 slots that AIDA64 provides for AquaComputer devices overflow :( I've sent you a private message about this.

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Could I get the same PM?  I'm putting together a dual loop system that'll have 2 Aquaero 5 LT's, 3 D5 pumps (2 aquaeros, 1 Swiftech atm), 3 high flow sensors, 3 water temp sensors, an RGB Farberwerk, and 6 fans running on the aquabus system...  4 device slots isn't going to come close to cutting it for my rig >.<

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Sorry I went MIA on you there, my PSU blew up >.<  (Slowly - aka I basically replaced every piece of hardware in my system before I finally narrowed it down to the PSU.  Who knew that a weak PSU could cause /all/ the problems I was having; hard locks with no BSOD on the GPUs, SSD's and HHDs were not writing things all the way causing programs to crash, my aquaero was crashing and disconnecting, and 100 other stupid little things - all because my PSU only had 18amps on the 12v rail and I needed 24...  I just installed an EVGA SuperNOVA 1600T2 w/like 40amps on the 12v rail so it's all good now.)  Anyway, I'm installing the latest September 30, 2015 release so I'll check on the device situation and report back.  - Also yay K95 RGB support!!

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