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Aquaero Temp. sensor IDs shifted


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Hi Fiery,

in 5.20.3430 all Aquaero temperature sensor values seem to be shifted by one. I.e. the first temperature (Air inlet) is now "Temperature #2" instead of "Temperatur #1".

There is no value for Temperature #1 at all anymore. See the attached screenshot.

If this should be intentionally, then I'd have to rework my panels to use the correct temperature values, which would mean a whole lot of work.

BTW, you told me once that the Aquaero temperature sensor values are overlying the values reported for the custom temperature sensor headers on my ASUS ROG Extreme V motherboard. Until now I could live with that, but recently, I really have use for these values. Is it not possible to make them visible by any way? Perhaps adding an offset to the sensor ID, so that the values are available at higher ID numbers?


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The change we've introduced in Beta Build 3430 affects misc temperature ("Temperature #n") values. Previously, misc temperature values may overlap across sensor devices. So e.g. in your case, your motherboard sensor can measure 3 misc temperature values that AIDA64 calls Temperature #1 to #3 (it is labelled as "T_Sensor1" to "T_Sensor3" by Asus), but your Aquaero device can also measure a series of misc temperatures that AIDA64 called Temperature #1 .. #44. On previous builds Temperature #1 to #3 coming from Aquaero overlapped with Temperature #1 to #3 measured by your motherboard sensor, hence you lost 3 readings, the ones for the motherboard. Now AIDA64 handles those readings in a sequential manner, so all temperatures are kept and they will never overlap. This unfortunately has a side-effect on such mixed sensor configurations like yours, so it may require adjustments for LCD and SensorPanel layouts. We've delayed making this necessary change for that reason, but lately we've received many inquiries about overlapping readings, so it was now hard to avoid making that step.

As for the missing temperatures, they should be there now. If they're not, then please copy-paste or attach an ISA Sensor Dump and an Embedded Controller Dump, and we'll check what's going on. Please make sure to use AIDA64 Build 3431 where we've fixed some issues over the 3430 build.

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