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We've checked it, and the Spotify Windows client does not seem to offer a SDK that would allow AIDA64 to read song title information from Spotify :(



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On ‎2016‎. ‎03‎. ‎12‎. at 9:10 PM, QuadFeed said:

Is there a possibility to do this for example Foobar2000 and maybe audio visualizer. id LOVE a audio visualizer!

We've checked the foobar2000 SDK, but it seems quite complicated to use. For such a minor improvement we simply find it too awkward and complex to deal with. Maybe we're looking at the wrong bits and pieces though, so if you (or someone else) can provide a short source code to detect the information you're looking for, we'd be happy to implement it.

I'm afraid we have no plans about an audio visualizer for AIDA64.

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