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Brand new pc build with 4790k.......

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I would like to test the stability for my new system. What settings are best to use? If I remember. FPU checked alone was best for cpu test? How long should tests take? I was just going to select them all and let it run for a few hours. But, don't think that is optimal way of doing it?

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The FPU test, when used alone, is the most demanding stress testing method, since it uses AVX and FMA instructions to heat the whole CPU package up as much as possible, and puts the highest load on the CPU. It's not a diverse stressing though, since it focuses on the thermal stress, so we generally recommend to run the FPU subtest for a few hours, and in case the system can stand it without issues, then run a mixed test as well, by enabling all subtests (including FPU).

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Stability testing, what do you mean?

You build the rigg left it untouched (bios) and want to know if it's stable? Or did you overclock certain hardware?

Mind you , that 4790K is a hell of a beast capable off huge overclock - if correctly and ample cooling is applied.

If nothing is overclocked - don't bother - just use it. Play some demanding games. If no problem = stable . Happy gaming!

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