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WP10 Outlook Mail Compatibility Issue

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Microsoft Released another WP10 Build:10.0.10149.0 today, and I upgraded my phone.


As usual, I opened AIDA64 to send a feedback via email, but I ended up with this(like the screenshot below).


The receiver is missing(though I can fill in it manually), the feedback content is shortened, etc.


I wonder if it is caused by the unfinished OS ,


or you can improve the feedback mechanism in the next version!


Please tell me what to do if I want to help to give you all the feedback information that you need.


Maybe not directly put all the feedback in email but by generating an .zip file and send as a attachment?


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That is due to an unfortunate bug of Windows 10 Mobile Preview builds. AIDA64 app does everything "by the book", and it works just fine under Windows Phone 8.1. We need Microsoft to fix it up. We do not have a plan to switch to attaching the report to emails either uncompressed or compressed.



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 We do not have a plan to switch to attaching the report to emails either uncompressed or compressed.


I see you've changed your mind in AIDA64, now the email do have a report attachment.




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      First of all, I want to thank you for building such a wonderful tool on Windows Phone.
      AIDA64 is one my favoriat hardware detection tools on Windows PC,
      I'm thrilled that it's now on Windows Phone as well.
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      On System page,
      I hope the storage info can be more specific,
      I wonder if you can add these info as follows:
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      what kind of chip (TLC or MLC)?
      Manufacture(Intel Samsung)?
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      As we all know, Windows Phones are all based on Qualcomm SOC so far,
      I think it's not too difficult to add a build-in benchmark to this page,as well as a ranking system,
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      The latest AIDA64 update introduces wireless remote monitoring of sensor values on smartphones and tablets via RemoteSensor and Logitech Arx Control. It also provides detailed information on system certificates, and supports Aquaero and Aquaduct sensor devices.

      New features & improvements
      - RemoteSensor smartphone and tablet LCD integration
      - Logitech Arx Control smartphone and tablet LCD integration
      - System certificates information
      - Support for Gravitech, LCD Smartie Hardware, Leo Bodnar LCD devices
      - Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9888 support
      - Improved support for Intel "Skylake" CPU
      - Preliminary support for Intel "Braswell" SoC
      - Aquaero and Aquaduct sensor devices support
      - Improved support for Crucial SSDs

      What's new since AIDA64 v4.00
      - Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview and Windows Server 2015 Technical Preview support
      - Microsoft Windows 8.1 Update 1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 Update 1 support
      - OpenCL GPGPU Benchmark Suite
      - AMD Mantle graphics accelerator diagnostics
      - Multi-threaded memory stress test with SSE, SSE2, AVX, AVX2, FMA, BMI and BMI2 acceleration
      - Optimized 64-bit benchmarks for AMD “Kaveri”, “Bald Eagle”, “Mullins”, “Beema” APUs
      - Optimized 64-bit benchmarks for Intel Atom C2000 “Avoton” and “Rangeley” SoC
      - Optimized 64-bit benchmarks for Intel “Bay Trail” desktop, mobile and tablet SoC
      - Full support for the upcoming Intel “Haswell Refresh” platform with Intel “Wildcat Point” PCH
      - Support for 47 new LCD and VFD devices
      - Improved support for Intel “Broadwell” CPU
      - Preliminary support for AMD “Carrizo” and “Toronto” APUs
      - Preliminary support for Intel Quark X1000 “Clanton” SoC
      - Preliminary support for Intel “Skylake”, “Cherry Trail”, “Denverton” CPUs
      - Improved support for Intel “Haswell-E” CPU and DDR4 memory modules
      - Support for DDR4 XMP 2.0 memory profiles
      - Intel H97 and Z97 chipset based motherboards support
      - LGA2011-v3 motherboards support
      - Socket AM1 motherboards support
      - SMTP SSL support
      - Improved handling of XSL files
      - Revamped Direct3D Compute Shader devices enumeration
      - CUDA 6.5, OpenGL 4.5, OpenGL ES 3.1 support
      - Improved support for OpenCL 2.0
      - Support for VirtualBox v4.3 and VMware Workstation v10
      - AData SP610, AData SP910, A-Data SP920, Corsair Force LX, Corsair Neutron, Corsair Neutron GTX, Crucial M550, Intel 730, OCZ Arc 100, OCZ Vector 150, OCZ Vertex 460, Plextor M6M, Plextor M6S, Samsung 845DC Evo, Samsung 850 Pro, Samsung XP941, SanDisk Extreme Pro, SanDisk X300s, Seagate 600 SSD support
      - GPU details for AMD Radeon R5, R7, R9 Series
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