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Using Android AIDA64 for full screen PC Monitoring

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Just an idea and I'm sure someone has already thought of it.


Using the Android AIDA64 App to act as a LCD Screen for true full screen monitoring.


ARX is great but doesn't do full screen and I find RemoteSensor to be painful on a mobile browser..





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What we're planning to implement in our Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps is a dedicated page where you can use the existing AIDA64 RemoteSensor feature with pre-configured settings such as IP address + port, full screen mode and auto-connect. So as soon as you start the app and go to the RemoteSensor page in there, you get the full-screen monitoring right away. We may implement an option to let the app automatically go to the RemoteSensor page as well, in case you only use the app for remote monitoring.

Does it sound something that you would find useful? ;)



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