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While Stress Testing my CPU, Should I close other Programs?


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Yes, you should close other programs, since they may interfere with AIDA64 Stability Test, or eat up too much CPU cycles that would be better spent on running stress test threads.

But, after having a few hours spent with AIDA64 Stability Test running, and getting no errors, you may want to start opening other applications as well, to see if it makes a difference. Sometimes the computer locks up or throws a BSoD quicker with a more diverse workload than with a single very demanding workload.



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Well that's my goal today. 

I should test for how long? Two or three hours.

I just have one more question regarding CPU testing. Should I test all cores at once or one at a time?

That may sound aZZ question but since I hear why not.

Thanks, a newbie when it comes to Aida64.

Several hours is best. You should test all cores at once.

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