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reference results for GPGPU Benchmark

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GPGPU benchmark results could change by simply updating the video driver, since companies like AMD, Intel and nVIDIA keep fine-tuning and optimizing their OpenCL driver all the time. So it wouldn't make much sense to add reference results, since we would have to update them everytime a new video driver is rolled out -- which is basically twice a week ;)

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changes are small.

enough to update the results every quarter or once a year.

Changes may or may not be small. You cannot possibly expect to have the same OpenCL driver for a particular GPU architecture intact for 3 or 12 months. And results obtained with a specific OpenCL driver should only be compared with results obtained with the same driver. So when the OpenCL driver gets updated for a GPU, we would have to re-run the benchmarks and update the reference results database.

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