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Customize Window System Stability Test

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Is it possible to select the columns to display in the Statistics tab ?


Or alternatively, that the change of window size are "registered"


Currently, if I close and open the benchmark is reinitialized by default


PS: And if it is possible to translate the benchmark (I can do in French)

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No, it's not possible to customize the Statistics columns. It may be possible to save the last column widths, but even if we do that, it wouldn't be helpful in your case. Because the basic rule about saving column sizes is that when you set one column to zero width (to effectively hide the column), the next time the column will be restored to its original size. This is to avoid users not being able to restore a previously hidden column.

We do have plans about localizing the System Stability Test, but first we have to completely redesign it. It's a bit of a challenge, because it's not easy to come up with a layout that is both suitable for hardcore users and average Joes...

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Hi, I am just working on my first ever overclock.


I've got it overclocked and now I want to stability test it. 


What are the major programs used to test overclocks?


I've got CPUZ but what i want is those types of programs that test memory and instability.




My overclock if you are interested is...


i7 860 BClk 200MHz x 15 Multiplier = 3.0GHz Clock original clock was 133MHz x auto = 2.8GHz


DRAM 1600MHz 8-8-8-24 


FSB : DRAM 1:4


CPU Temp seems stable at 46 degrees centigrade using just the out the box cooling that came with the processor.


CPU Core voltage = 1.23v original was 1.19v


IMC Voltage = 1.36v original was 1.15v


I chose to raise the BClck as high as possible (200MHz) in order to get the best FSB : DRAM ratio as possible to get the best performance during memory intensive opperations as possible.


taking this approach seems to have required to IMC voltage to have been raised considerably. Although the IMC voltage is actually set to auto so it has been raised automatically.


When I get better cooling I may up the multiplier some more as long as the IMC voltage doesn't go too much higher


Thanks for your help

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