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Monitoring suggestion


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DIMM labelling is a big challenge, considering all the various memory controllers out there. Even if we'd switched to using DIMM A1/B1/C1/etc formula, in many cases there would be strange jumps in the numbering.

As for the System Stability Test, we'll expand the current 12 slots to 14 in the next AIDA64 beta update due in a few days from now ;)

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Ok for DIMM, not possible to retrieve information by the bios or other, then ?

But why is indicated 1, 4, 7 and 10 for me as I only have 8 memory slots?

1, 3, 5 and 7 have been better, no

The problem is that it's not easy to detect what the motherboard can actually support, out of the capabilities of the memory controller. For example, when an Ivy Bridge-E/EP CPU has got 2 memory controllers, each supporting 4 memory channels, and each memory channel supports 3 DIMM slots, the CPU in theory can handle up to 24 memory modules. And when walking through the memory channels and DIMM slots, numbering must follow the capabilities of the CPU (more specifically, the CPU integrated memory controller), and not the capabilities of the motherboard. AIDA64 cannot know for sure what slots can it skip when enumerating DIMM slots. That's why you have gaps of 2 DIMMs between memory channels, and not just 1 DIMM.

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The data displayed on the Sensor page is not meant to be customizable at all. If you need to rename the sensor readings, and/or hide some of them, then it's best to use the OSD Panel, Desktop Gadget or SensorPanel modules. With them you can completely customize the layout to your preference.

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For DIMM, I can say a silliness, but it is not possible to retrieve the information by the SPD?


SPD is enumerated in a completely different way in AIDA64. But yes, it may be possible to use that numbering scheme to make the labels look slightly better. It would still not be perfect in all configurations, but it may work better in most configurations.

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There are a few issues with that:

1) Too many lines make the graph very crowded

2) We don't really have more colours to assign to new lines

3) Core temperatures aren't that far from each other, so it's usually fine to use the temperature of a few cores only. Core #1 and Core #2 should be enough to monitor, along with CPU Package temperature

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I thought about the problem of colors and lines in the graph :lol:
It will not be possible to add 2 lines, eg (for temperatures) in the "Statistics" tab but not to add them in the "Temperatures" tab ?

Me, I never look at this tab, the lines are really too tight


And all the screens that I can see on the forums, there are never tabs "Temperatures", etc ... Only "Statistics"

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