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Disk Benchmark suggestions / requests


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Hi AIDA64 team,


I would like to have:

a) Read Test Suite - Possibility to save the results as CSV file and not only as PNG

B) Read Test Suite - Possibility to select more than one block size, so we can run the tests in a "batch mode" (without to change the block size after every test run manually)




Currently I use AIDA64 v5.70.3837 beta (Disk Benchmark v1.06.09)

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Hi Fiery, I have done some tests.

I updated AIDA64 an run one liniear test run, copied the values to LibreOffice Calc. = working

Then I started a second run with another block size, copied again to LibreOffice Calc = there is still the first copied value in the clipboard

I closed Calc and AIDA64 and started both again.

Now I run two linear test runs and copied the value to Calc = there are still the values of the first run in the clipboard

So I think, if more than two runs was done, the copy function is not working.



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