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Why does not FinalWire buy LCDHost


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the AIDA64 lcds support is poor and ugly, think bigger go ahead end offer something better



Probably, the AIDA64 techsupport guys know LCDHost, if not, a quick story follows



LCDHost was an app developed by a guy that decided to give for free the first release of the app to help him during debugging and developing.

The app offer a FULL control programming of the Logitech LCDs (and others) by an intuitive graphical XML auto generation.


The LCDHost is able to read shared memory and grabs data from third party software like aida64.


The problem is that the guy that developed this SW abbandoned the project and decide to transform in an opensource SW. But the development is stopped, as no one has taken the leadership of the project

The sofware is quite old, but works also in windows 10, with some workarounds.... but every year we "lost a piece" i mean that thirt party plug-in stop working due to modification of the newer relase of thirparty sw that are no more reflected in the LCDhost


SO MY SUGGESTION IS, why don't FinalWire Aida64 buys LCDHost ? The inventor stop the project, ask him if he want to sell its creature


Guys, speaking clearly, tha aida64 lcd support is ugly poor does not offer any kind of control.... is terrible !


Look what i was able to do with LCDHost interfaced to AIDA64


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The icons (with little lightning, water drop and tick) are dynamics and change according to conditions..... for example, parked core are green (top left corner) while the overclocked are red

cpu temperature the same, blu the ones under 40°c then they become green orange and red.


In a short, you can create finite state machine, define the conditions to enter in a state, and the action taken


Look at the graph in the middle.... 

in the top I have a coloured graph that shows the FPS in the last 60 seconds.


red colour under 20fps orange under 35 green from 35 up to 60


as you can see, the fps graph start from 10fps and has as top value 60. I have decided this, and i have decided the gradient color using photoshop to produce the desired color tones.

The grid was made using photoshop too...


then under the FPS graph, in a single one we have gpu clock, voltage and ram clock for the last 60 seconds


Also, around you can find ram, vram, hdd read and write speeds usage bars (from green to yellow up do red)


every small rounded rectangle, is linked to the neighborhood in a way i have defined, so resizeing or moving an element, propagate to the others

this is full control....


I attach a JPG photo of the g19 lcd, instead of the screenshoots took from LCDHost



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We don't aim at such deep level of customizations with our LCD module. Our LCD module is relatively easy to use while still offering deep customization possibilities. It's not infinitely customizable, but it also doesn't require a 100-page manual to operate.

BTW, it's not the best way to open a meaningful discussion with "the AIDA64 lcds support is poor and ugly" and close the opening post with "aida64 lcd support is ugly poor does not offer any kind of control.... is terrible". It's one thing when you'd say "In my opinion it's terrible", and when you declare something being terrible, like you would declare the universal truth.

And we do not want to buy or acquire any other software. We prefer to work with our code, developed by us from scratch. We believe that's the only way to have full control over the software, and most importantly: to provide the highest quality software.



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I have to agree with Fiery here. AIDA and his support is absolutely incredible - He's active everyday to ensure new hardware is supported often buying components out of his own pocket. 


Theres active development on very major mobile platform, a steady stream of new betas, and new features and monitoring added constantly. 


As for the LCD module while it may not have every customization desired, theres more than enough to create incredible layouts with an enormous amount on information on a HUGE verity of LCDs both new and old. 


My own Razer Ultimate has a high res screen with layout I design based on the UI seen throughout the movie the Martian. There's no other program on the planet that I could just grab and recreate something on whim like that. 


LCSHost may have had it's day and perhaps it works for you, but AIDA is an AMAZING program with even more AMAZING support. 

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