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Display WD HDD Information

B. A. Kenney

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I would like to request that the AIDA64 program provide the necessary information for Western Digital hard drives just like it provides information for Hitachi, Samsung, Seagate, etc hard drives. All of the brand (except WD) displays hard drive name, codename, form factor, access speed, speed, cache, etc (see pic.)

It would also be nice if AIDA64 can also offer information on noise level just like the picture attached shown.

I hope the next beta or major release will feature WD hard drives and make the info more accessible just like other branded hard drive.

Note that I used Hard Disk Sentinel 3.60 PRO to retrieve such information.



post-39-063371400 1305068306_thumb.png

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WD has a habit of assigning the same model ID to different products. And that makes it impossible to build an accurate WD hard disk drive database.

We currently have no plans to extend our hard disk drive database with further fields.



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Thats not the case, WD always changes the last 5 digits of the full product number when the sku changes

the real problem is retailers and etailers tend to omit those numbers on product listings to keep the consumer in the dark.

tbh, WD's sku numbering is less complicated than seagates.

op, this site is tracking hdd platters, cache and capacity via sku numbering http://rml527.blogspot.com/2010/10/hdd-platter-database-western-digital-35.html

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Maybe these days WD have come to their senses and use unique model names for each drive, but it wasn't the case for many years. When we've started to build our hard disk drive database, it was terrible, so we gave up. We may get back to WD drives if they survive the ongoing "who buys who" game in the HDD industry :rolleyes:

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