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when I display the „Sensor“ side inside Aida and I scroll down to display the bottom information AIDA refresh the side every 1 second and show the side always from the first entry.

It is not possible to monitor some “down” information for a longer time, nor is it possible to make screenshots in the normal manner.

Maybe this is a result because I have more sensors then on one side fits?

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No, it's not because of the length of the sensors list. It is because one of the items in the list keeps disappearing and then reappearing again. The list can only keep the listview state intact when the number of items in the list doesn't change. Once a new item is added or removed, the listview will be refreshed, and the vertical scrollbar will revert back to the top-most position.

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Try to make the AIDA64 window as tall as possible, and try to find the item that keeps disappearing and then reappearing again. If you cannot find it, then try to make a report of the Sensor page (using Quick Report from the right-click context menu) multiple times, and compare the Sensor page content in the report. If you can pinpoint the culprit, we can start digging deeper ;)

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I have done some investigations and it seems to be the second Aquaero what cause the reappearing effect. If I complete disable the 5LT, disconnect it also from Aqua-Bus, the effect does not occur.
In the list itself it is only a flicker seen, no other feedback. No additional Info’s or List items.

How wonder, you display “Aquaero” in the sensor list. But it is always only one.
It seems to be that AIDA cannot differ 2 or more devices.
Does it have the same name on the USB request?

And more, when AIDA displays only the Aquastream and the Aquaero 6 there are 29 Temperature slots. If the additional 5LT is on, there are 30 slots.
So I think it collides on many level.

Funny, the fill level is displayed correct. This value is distributed on the Aqua-Bus and therefore 3 Times in the sensor list (2 times if the 5LT is out). 1 from the Stream, one from the 6 (here it is connected) and, if the 5LT is enabled, one from the 5 LT.

After this, I am not sure that the displayed Information inside AIDA is correct in anyway.
The Aquastream is also something like a Aquaero, and this is a popular configuration (one stream, one Aquaero). And the given information is correct? Why does the stream then have not an own List Item?

If you look at this, please enable a device description before the Sensor to make it unique.
Something like “6pro_Temperature_1” and “Stream_Temperature_5” and so on.
This would help so much.

I try to become more information from Aquacomputer how it is possible to differ the Information from the devices and from the Bus.

If you need it, I have sampled debug Information with and without the third device, included respectively a Aquaero (sensor) dump. I can’t do it without the Stream or the Aquaero 6 because this may be influence the system to much, even when it is idle.

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did you try anything on this issue?

HWINFO can do it flawless.
HWINFO can differ all devices, all specifics from Aquacomputer like Software sensors, virtual sensors.
All Fan Information, Amplifier, it can differ between Aquaero and Aquuastream.
This is overall “perfect”.
Why can AIDA do not?

And, please, don’t answer “Use HWINFO instead”


Attached, some Screenshots



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AIDA64 has a different way of managing sensor readings.  It has a predefined set of sensor item slots where everything needs to fit into. By going with a per-device management, the whole current system would need to be replaced, and over 120,000 lines of code would need to be rewritten. And the advantages of that effort would be very limited: basically it would just be beneficial in very rare cases where multiple complex sensor devices (like Aquaero) is installed. As I've mentioned above, in most cases (over 99%) the current way of managing sensor readings and labelling them is completely fine.

As for your comments on whether AIDA64 can really manage two Aquaero devices and one Aquastream device separately, without mixing USB requests and stuff: yes, it can. Even though the list of sensor items are pooled into one long list, and I gotta admit, it's not easy to sort them out with your setup, the readings come from the right device and AIDA64 uses the right USB commands for each device you've got installed.

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But, what you say cannot be correct.

Let me begin from the first step.

1. AIDA can’t display the Sensor page in a right manner. It shows every second the entry information instead of the wide list. If I scroll down, AIDA pushes back to the head of sensor page. This prevent also to take screenshots from this page. Your answer is, “it is a reappearing device” what cause this bug. And, indeed, it is the second Aquaero what cause this bug. If I disable this device AIDA can show the Sensor page as expected.

You must fix this.
If you can’t, because program internal limitations, there is a Warning Box appropriate.
“AIDA has discovered too much complex device. AIDA is limited and can’t display so many devices”
And please, put it also in the documentation and on the Website.
I think that is a behaviour what customers need to know “before” they bought this Software.

2.Ok, if there is a limitation in the count of Temperature Sensor you have also describe this in the documentation and, of course, also to your Website. And again, also in this matter, a Warning Box is appropriate. “ AIDA has discovered to many Temperature Sensors, AIDA can’t handle so many Sensors”

3. How did you interpret the complete struggled information of Temperature Sensors AIDA shows?
One Aquaero can distribute 18 temperature information, including software temperatures. And, above 4 Temperatures of the Fan amplifiers.

If I have one Aquaero connected AIDA shows me “29” Slots and above 4 “VRM” Temps (I think these are the Amplifier Temps). Where did the 29 slots come from?

If I put the second Aquaero to the system the slots are expanded to 30. No warning, no explanation.
I think the 4 amplifier temps from the second device are completely ignored? Or did the listed values change to the new Aquaero, or is it mixed?

So, this is complete cut loose. It has nothing to do with the count of “slots”.

4. You wrote that AIDA can (really) Manage two devices. Excuse “AIDA cannot!”
First look again at point 1!
Second, look at the picture, there is “one” Aquaero listed, not the second one.
Where is the second one if AIDA can handle the device?


5. You wrote that AIDA do not going by “with a per device management”
This is also wrong or your explanation is bad.
Look again to the picture. AIDA listed there the Aquaero and, in context, some information from this device. Also, the Aquastream is listed as device. (so you can’t obviously not discover the second device). MPS is the next “per device”. Apparently, the software can do a “per device” Management.
So, what we are talking about?

Is it your strategy to list all temperatures devices in one block?
Fine, then expand the count of Slots in the block so that it can handle more then 30 slots.
If you do so, wrote in front of the value the device it comes from.
Call it a prefix. So, the user can discover where the value is read.
No further need for an "per device management"

But you have to discover all availible devices and if you cant handle so many devices display a warning message.
And, please, document these limitations AIDA has.


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1) No, I haven't said anything about a reappearing device. I've said it's because of a reappearing item in the list of sensor items. It may or may not be due to a device communication issue. And since we don't know what causes the issue, whether it's a bug in AIDA64 or due to a limitation that we may be able to fix easily, a warning message or notice in the documentation is not necessary.

BTW, potential customers of AIDA64 have 30 days of trial period, plus 30 days no-questions money-back guarantee after their order. That's 60 days total, which is plenty of time to discover whether AIDA64 suits their needs and their hardware configuration. It's plenty of time to discover the limitations (if any of them impacts them). And even so, when someone bumps into a limitation, in most cases we are here to fix AIDA64, by e.g. expanding the number of sensor slots. It's already happened a few times before, and AFAIK noone left this forum with a bad taste in their mouth due to such limitations.

2) There are several limitation in various features of AIDA64, just like there are many limitations in other software or even operating systems as well. In most cases the limitations are set to a certain value that would mean 99.9% of the users wouldn't ever discover the limitation. In other words, a limitation on temperature sensor slots or fan slots (etc) are set quite high already, and 99.9% of the AIDA64 users never notice that there's a ceiling on the number of slots.

3) It's quite hard to discuss this issue when you have 2 separate topics on the same matter. I've already listed the temperature measurement slots that AIDA64 reads in your other topic.  Since there are 30 misc temperature slots in AIDA64, with two Aquaero devices it's not that difficult to exhaust that -- otherwise not that tight -- limitation. We will increase the number of misc temperature slots in the next AIDA64 beta, to make sure not only every other user can fit in there, but your complex configuration too.

The first 4 fan VRM temperatures use their own temperature slots, so they will not mix with the misc temperature readings. However, when you have more than one device providing fan VRM temperature readout, the last device will overwrite the readings coming from the previous device(s). Yes, it's a limitation in AIDA64, but since before you came along, noone installed more than one Aquaero in the same computer _and_ used AIDA64, this limitation never caused any issues for anyone. This is one example when the per-device sensor slot management would come in handy.

4) AIDA64 supports up to 16 Aquaero devices, in any kind of a mix. You can have 15 Aquaeros and 1 MPS, or 4 Aquaeros, 4 MPSes, 4 AquaStreams, 4 PowerAdjusts -- everything will be handled by AIDA64. But, due to the way AIDA64 pools the sensor readings (instead of managing them per device), certain overwriting of values may occur, and certain other limitations (like 30 misc temperature slots) may cause issues.

5) It's not easy to continue this discussion when your wording becomes that particular, but I'll try. You have no technical insight into how AIDA64 works, so please don't make any quick assumptions, and please don't think I'm lying to you. Why would I lie?

AIDA64 doesn't manage sensor readings per device. Period. It has a pre-defined set of sensor slots. Among those slots there are "misc" ones where such values can be squeezed that do not have a dedicated sensor slot defined. For example, CPU OPT fan has a pre-defined slot, but EXT_Sensor1 temperature (of some Asus motherboards) hasn't got an own slot, so it's added to the pool of misc temperature readings.

What you can see on the bottom of the Sensor page is such readings that are not covered by the hardware monitoring module of AIDA64. That module doesn't support pressure readings at all, but only temperatures, fan RPMs, fan duty cycle, voltages, currents, powers, liquid levels and flow sensors. But due to user demand, we had to add pressure readings too, but they are only available on the Sensor page, in separate blocks. And since only those devices (Aquastream and MPS) support pressure readings, we've decided to name those readings. It's a very few number of readings, so it's not a huge problem to manage them separately. But, they are still not covered by the hardware monitoring module, so you cannot put them e.g. on the OSD Panel or SensorPanel. And as you can see, only the pressure readings are there, the other readings coming from those devices are not listed per-device, but instead pooled with the other sensor readings coming from other sensor devices.

We cannot put a prefix there since the readings are pooled, and the source of readings is not stored (managed) at all. It would be quite an overhead for the sensor module to manage the devices for every sensor slots too, but we may add it as an optional feature that you can activate from e.g. the right-click context menu on the Sensor page. It would still not be a true per-device management though, but more a clarification feature that you can use to better understand the readings -- when there are that many.

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As I've mentioned above, we've expanded the number of misc temperature slots from 30 to 99. Make sure to upgrade to the latest beta version of AIDA64 Extreme available at:


I hope it will work better than the previous builds. Please let me know how it works out on your setup.

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