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[AIDA64 Log] Found a BUG on Generate LOG if you run AIDA64 and HWInfo64


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I use a HWInfo64 with RivaTuner and AIDA64 for Save LOG on Disk, but i discovery a weird bug on AIDA64, this error i think is caused if you use HWInfo64 with AIDA64.

Look a LOG generated by AIDA64 running with HWInfo64, Sensor inform a wrong CPU Clock's and FSB.


After various test's, changing Power Energy Control profile of Windows, i noted this BUG of AIDA64 Sensor LOG wont appear, if you close HWInfo64.There may be some kind of interference between the two, preventing both from operating simultaneously.

Unfortunately the use of HWinfo64 is necessary ATM, as it works very well with RivaTuner for monitoring OSD in games. A good suggestion for AIDA64 future Update, is add more Options to customize the Integration of AIDA64 Sensor to work with RivaTuner OST. Options such Rename and Custom Position
of Item listed on OSD is welcome.

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What processor and motherboard do you have, and what version of Windows are you using?

Options such Rename and Custom Position of Item listed on OSD is welcome.

We're not planning to enable that, since you can already do that using the SensorPanel module of AIDA64.

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Thank you. We've added a new synchronization mutex to make sure AIDA64 works properly with other monitoring software running simultaneously.  We've notified the authors of HWiNFO, HWMonitor and SIV about this issue.  It's now up to them to implement the same mutex.

Make sure to upgrade to the latest beta version of AIDA64 Extreme available at:



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6 hours ago, WaffeSS said:

Thanks Fiery, today i discover CPU-Z cause this issue too.

I'm updating now to BETA Build. ATM i use v5.80.4000.

We've notified the authors of CPU-Z about this issue, asking them to implement the synchronization mutex that we've defined in order to avoid this issue. I'm not sure if it is already implemented in HWiNFO, so we'll ping its authors too.

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