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how to run memory read benchmark in a command line?

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AIDA64 currently doesn't support command-line based automated benchmarking. If you're interested in having that feature enabled, please send me a private message about the details on your envisioned project and the number of AIDA64 licenses you have (or you're about to) acquire to complete the task.


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    • By 李玄丹
      I have 6  Supermicro platforms, and I found the following problems when using AIDA64-620 version test.
      1. On the motherboard of the Supermicro X11 series, the memory SPD information cannot be obtained
      2. On the Supermicro X11 series motherboard, running the system stablity Test will be suspended for 15 minutes, and then resumed.
      3. The memory speed test is not up to standard. The bandwidth obtained through the calculation formula should be 230G / s, but the result obtained through the AIDA64 test is only 160G / s. Our bandwidth calculation formula may be wrong. Can you provide a calculation Formula for bandwidth.
      Bandwidth = memory core frequency × number of memory bus bits × multiplication factor
      OS: windows 10 Professional Workstation Edition
      platforms:8049U-E1CR4T/BIOS 3.2/BMC 1..71/CPLD Version     04.b1.06
      CPU:4 * 6254
      memory:12 * M393A4K40BB2-CTD6Y
      RAID: 9361-8i
      GPU:Quadro P2000 
      ssd:1* SSDPE2KE016T801

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