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I just downloaded the latest version expecting to see AMD Ryzen 7 and Intel Kaby Lake computers listed in the benchmarking reports. No such luck. I want to compare my computers with the latest and greatest. Is there any place or way to add more recent results to the comparison tables?

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Don't worry, we'll add those to the reference list of benchmarks soon.  Our Ryzen 7 test system died (got EC/BIOS bricked) just minutes before we could perform a reference benchmark run on it while preparing for the latest AIDA64 v5.90 stable release :( 


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19 hours ago, NedB said:

Is the reference list part of a program update? Or is it accessed over the web when a benchmark report is run? In other words, will we have to wait for another update before new CPUs show up in the reports?

The reference list is part of AIDA64, it's not downloaded or updated from the internet.  You can already have the up-to-date reference list, including Ryzen 7 1800X and Kaby Lake i7-7700K results if you use the latest AIDA64 beta available at:


We've also added a Broadwell-E i7-6850K result and an Apollo Lake reference set of scores as well.

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On ‎2017‎. ‎04‎. ‎18‎. at 0:27 PM, MAA said:

>> We've also added a Broadwell-E i7-6850K result

Thank you. What about i7-6900K and i7-6950X ?


>> and an Apollo Lake reference

I do not see Apollo Lake results.

We only add those computers to the list of reference results that we own.  That's the only way to make sure all results are reproducable, accurate and authentic. We've only got a single Broadwell-E system based on 6800K CPU.

As for Apollo Lake, you're right.  It was due to a bug, but now it's fixed.  It will be included in the next AIDA64 beta update due later today ;)

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On ‎2017‎. ‎06‎. ‎27‎. at 6:45 PM, MAA said:

Why AIDA do not have Ryzen results anymore?

Due to an internal mistake, we almost posted incorrect benchmark results with the latest stable update (AIDA64 v5.92).  Since discovering that came the last minute, the only thing we could do to avoid publishing inaccurate reference scores is to remove that line from the list.  Sadly, we had no time to perform the benchmarks again.  We'll do that soon and add Ryzen 7 1800X results in an upcoming beta build.

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4 years later and still no real way to compare benchmarks? 

Many of us paid money to Finalwire to compare benchmark info.   Telling users that they can compare benchmarks, means that you can compare benchmarks.  The very obvious assumption here is that we can compare with other users in nearly real time.  No one is expecting that to mean a tiny list of products that you personally own and recorded in the release.  Why not just list whatever users can test online, and just add a simple disclaimer that you didn't verify the results?  Everyone understands that. 

Currently, your list is too short to do any meaningful research.   Even when I find a result that is somewhat pertinent, it's sample size 1 from your system, and doesn't take into account the many settings that could affect those results.   That's great that you folks are confident that the values that you obtained for your own hardware is correct--but, people expect to see user results.  Many users would be really surprised to find that the reason the for the tiny list of results from old irrelevant hardware is due to it only including hardware that Finalwire personally owns....

Currently, the best way I can find results are to run google image searches looking for relevant AIDA64 info that users posted in forums.   Your memory tests are the gold standard for memory bandwidth and latency, but unless the results are actually comparable, this isn't worth spending money on.  

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