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AIDA64 Test Result on a Laptop (Asus K43SJ)


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Hello and gooday,

Recently I got an upgrade that replace my intel atom(n445) neetbook, my new laptop was asus K43SJ, the spec was an intel i3 2330m 2.2Ghz caupled with nvidiaGT520m on board grapic.

The system have 4GB of memory and run on win7pro.The original owner who donating this laptop was complaining about heat and lag, I assume this laptop need fresh thermal paste..

To test the heat problem, I run aida64 system stress test and here's the result(in picture)

I have no experience using aida64 on a pc laptop. What is the red line  red cart(cpu trottle at 50%)?? should I worry about It?? does overal of the system ok??

and finally can someone teach me how to read aida64 stabylity test result



I have clened the laptop from accumulating cat fur




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The red indicates the amount of throttling activity while running the stress test.  Throttling is used by your processor to prevent itself from overheating.  So a non-zero throttling activity indicates that your CPU is running too hot, and throttles itself down (slows itself down) to prevent permanent damage.  For mobile computers throttling under heavy stress is normal.  But, when your computer is idle or under partial load, it shouldn't throttle at all.  In order to challenge/verify that, you can have the AIDA64 System Stability Test window open, without starting an actual stress test process.  Do some other stuff on your computer, like browse the web, edit documents, read and send emails.  Once in a few minutes go back to the opened AIDA64 System Stability Test window and check if the bottom graph shows any throttling activity.  It's easy to spot it, since the throttling graph will always stay green when there's no throttling detected. It turns to red as soon as any throttling activity is found -- and stays red permanently after that.

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