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Hardware fail Only-


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Hey everyone, i have a rather basic understanding of overclocking, and stress testing so let me just start with that.

To start off.

I run a

750 power supply

MSI Gaming pro carbon 270z

i7 7700k


Gskill  32gigs @2117

Water cooler blah blah blah.


When i run a stress test on Memory @ Stock Specs (for everything including GPU) everything passes and nothings unstable.

MSI has this nifty "Gaming mode" in its BIOS which Clocks my CPU 4.8 Max and my RAM @2800 (which is the advertised speed).

Once i run a stress test on the Memory in said Gaming mode i get "hardware fail" from ADIA64.
This is rather quickly after starting the test, 10 seconds top.

once i push everything back to stock and reboot everything runs stable which makes me believe my RAM isnt "bad".

Now i can't for the life of my figure out if i have "bad ram" or i don't have the correct voltage..  or...

i can post logs if needed not sure on what information is needed here.

Computer skills: New overclocker


Any help would be amazing




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The detected memory CRC error can mean either a RAM issue (ie. the RAM modules provide the wrong data to the CPU), or a glitch in the path between the RAM modules and the CPU (ie. the data cannot travel safely between the RAM and the CPU pipelines), or a CPU computation issue (ie. the CPU fails to use the data properly and makes computation errors on the data).  Note that the data has to go through the connection between the IMC (integrated memory controller -- can be found in the CPU package for modern processors) and the memory modules, then travel to the LLC (last level cache -- in most cases it's the L3 cache), then travel one level up on the cache level (ie. into the L2 cache), then again one level up (ie. into the L1 data cache), and only then can be used by the CPU.  Through all those steps a glitch can occur anywhere, but it's not possible to know at which point the data gets corrupted due to excessive overclocking or too agressive timings.

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The easiest way to fix to revert back all settings in BIOS to factory default, no overclocking and start testing. If the problem still exist then you probably have a faulty hardware component. You can sort this out by trying different PSU, RAM, etc. until you cannot reproduce the issue.

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