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AIDA64 Help (F1) Benchmark guide, SHA and AVX-512

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1 hour ago, MAA said:

OMG! But why??? CPU with AVX-512 released a year ago.

Because only recently we could manage to acquire a system with AVX-512 support. The CPU you're referring to (Knights Landing) is a niche product, has no official Windows support, and virtually no AIDA64 users own such a machine. BTW, due to the enermous complexity of AVX-512 (over 1000 new x86 instructions) it takes over a year to fully optimize all AIDA64 benchmarks to AVX-512.  We've started working on it cca. a year ago, but we couldn't finish it up before the Skylake-X launch.  It's at 95% now, and we're going well, but it will still take 2 to 4 months to finish everything.

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Without proper evaluation/test hardware we couldn't do more than what we have accomplished.  BTW, since virtually no software has AVX-512 optimizations right now, those benchmarks that only have up to AVX2/FMA optimizations are actually more representative about the performance you can extract from the new Skylake-X/Skylake-SP processors currently ;) And by the time AVX-512 accelerated encoding and rendering software hit the market, we will already have an AVX-512 optimized AIDA64 out too ;)

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On ‎2018‎. ‎03‎. ‎28‎. at 6:31 PM, MAA said:

AIDA64 5.97.4600 Help (F1) Benchmark guide still do not updated about using extensions AVX-512

We'll update the users manuals in the next AIDA64 beta update.

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