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Best Panel for Manufacturing Computer Case


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Good morning! This is my first post, I found out about this site after researching my options for a front panel. I LOVE what this software can do, but I need to have it on a front panel for my desks, and I can't find a compatible nice full color display that would fit my needs. i'm surprised there isn't a list on here... Anyways, I have developed a new line of computer desks and currently, I have the designed the panel opening to use the Asus ROG Front Panel's guts. And honestly, it looks great, but the problem is that it only works with ASUS motherboards. I would like to find a panel close to the same size (it can be up to 5") . I would love to have a display like the one I posted below. Here is  photo of the desk I am now manufacturing. if someone can recommend a great screen to use and it works out, i will give a big discount to anyone on this forum who orders one ;). I am currently making these in Moscow, Russia, but I ma working on starting production in the United States within the month. I don't need a panel with the mounts for an opening... I just need a panel that I can mount into my own opening (I will redesign the desk to accommodate the proper size). 




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The desk looks awesome, great job there!  However, your choice on the LCD panel will be a challenging task indeed.  The Matrix Orbital GTT line looks great from a distance, but when you look closely, its protocol is heavily limited and basically useless for quick (ie. real-time) full-frame updates.  The closest panel that might fit your requirements may be the LCDInfo USBD480:


It's expensive (just like the GTT), but it supports quick full-frame updates and is 100% compatible with AIDA64.

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