Wrong Battery wear level on iPad Pro 10.5"

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I did noticed that battery wear on my new iPad Pro 10.5" is probable wrong, because it shows wear level 4.11 constantly, and Ipad have only few cycles.

please fix it!


And it would be awesome if there is temperature information of ios devices.


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Hi Edstyler,

According to teardowns, there is a 8134 mAh battery in the iPad Pro 10.5, and for some reason your device reporting back 7800 mAh. We have some submitted reports of higher battery capacity than yours. Please try to charge your device completely a few times, maybe your battery/charge controller needs some time to adjust. I agree that a 4% wear level for a new device like yours is seems high.

Also please try coconut Battery on macOS to get detailed battery information from your device, it has more access rights than we have from an iOS app.


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Hello Mice,

thank you for more information, you were right, this morning it reported more capacity :)

maybe it will be 0% wear in a few weeks.




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