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frequency AVX clock

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Would it be possible to add the "clocks" AVX (Boradwell-E) and AVX2 and 512 (Skylake-X) frequencies in System Stability Test, as for example

CPU AVX2 Clock

CPU AVX512 Clock

The frequencies may be different


PS: The test of Aida64, stress with the instructions AVX? AVX2 ? AVX512 ? or not?

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Current clock frequency can already be measured in the AIDA64 System Stability Test.  The rated Turbo clock levels for the individual AVX levels of the underlying hardware cannot be detected currently.  We'll check that, although it may not be possible to detect it using classic detection methods, but only via a built-in CPU SKU database.

The FPU subtest of the System Stability Test uses AVX2 when it's available (e.g. Haswell, Broadwell, Skylake, Kaby Lake), and AVX when it's available (e.g. Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge).  AVX-512 is not yet supported, so on AVX-512 capable processors AIDA64 System Stability Test uses its AVX2 codepath.  We're planning to implement full AVX-512 support, including AVX-512 optimized benchmarks and AVX-512 stress test in the upcoming months.  We previously wanted to roll it out during the summer, but AVX-512 is way too complicated, and we needed (and still need) a bit more time to fully exploit its full potential in AIDA64.

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On ‎2017‎. ‎10‎. ‎02‎. at 7:59 PM, tistou77 said:

Thanks for the explanations

It is not possible to read the AVX frequencies from the bios ?

I don't think so.  And even if it was possible, it would require separate support for each motherboard model out there :( That's also why AIDA64 cannot read BIOS settings: it would be a hell of a job to implement support for every single motherboard out there, one by one :(

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