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Total and Average Power Consumption (CL)

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On ‎2017‎. ‎11‎. ‎15‎. at 4:10 PM, paradoxx said:

hi. Could you add an option to see the Total and Average Power Consumption in a moment. It would be especially useful to add to External applications so that the values have been writing to the registry for using with other programs like Rainmeter? 

Do you mean a counter of total PSU power consumption over a certain period of time, and to produce a Wh (Watts per hour) value from it?

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yes, exactly that, to measure Wh or (kWh) to any moment of time, to see how much the energy (money) a PC consumed to certain moment.

It's about Total, but Average power consumption would be very useful as well. It would calculate the consumption from any new system startup.

For instance, like the vehicles have total fuel consumption (from-to a point) and average (of driving from-to the point).


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    • By 12749124
      1) I noticed that the graphs of the iGPU's power draw (GT cores) is fluctuating.
      Is this supposed to be like this when stressing it, without any other graphic cards in the system?
      It looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/Ji72zII.png
      2) Also, if I enable energysaving (standby/deepstandby) options for the iGPU (RC6 or so), the clock graph looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/AAUKz2I.png
      As you can see, the clock is changing between its minimum and maximum value.
      If I disable said options it looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/wtcFhFo.png
      Im kind of confused since even when I enable energysaving options for the CPU, the clock is always a straight line under full load.
      Could you maybe assure me that all these graphs shown in the pictures are how they actually are supposed to be?
      Thanks in advance!
    • By srg
      I have got a few questions regarding your application.
      I was running a stress test with AIDA64 but then saw some strange values.
      The uncore wattage was, at one point according to AIDA, at -10000W, which is quite unrealistic.
      Now I haven't had any problems, crashes or whatsoever, from which I conclude that my system is considered pretty stable (already ran Prime in-place for 24h without errors before)
      but I'd still like to know whether it's a bug, a hardware flaw or just a reading error.
      I've already had problems with the clock and the usage dropping to zero and going up again, but solved it by googling
      and closing Steam and Chrome plus not running other monitoring applications in the background. 
      However, when this happened, I also wasn't running anything else so I'm kind of confused.
      Also, I've already read in other threads, that if the application detects an instability it is supposed to turn read. Yet I didn't quite understand what exactly should turn red and whether there are any other signs (like the status saying the test stopped or something like that) of light instability, not severe enough to crash the program/system
      Thank you in advance!
      PS: Is it normal that, when also stressing the iGPU, the image is hanging for up to 3-4 seconds?

    • By sargon666777
      I love AIDA 64, and would prefer to use it for everything.  I have been looking for ways to get the data (or better yet control Corsair Link devices).  I had seen threads when searching around that it was believed a third party application could not retrieve Corsair Link information however I recently found an application (3rd party) that not only retrieves it, but allows you to control it.  So far it works great with the following devices:
      AX1500i, H100i, and Corsair Commander Mini.. Thats all my corsair hardware so I can't test anything else. 
      Is it possible this could help get Corsair Link information into AIDA 64?  It would be great to get it all in one place.
      Link to 3rd party application: http://rh-software.com/
    • By kman
      Hi I am new here like what I am seeing.
      Question: Does the program give me information on the manufacture, wattage of the PSU. as well as what CPU is in there. and the speed, size and type of memory is installed?
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