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Total and Average Power Consumption (CL)


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On ‎2017‎. ‎11‎. ‎15‎. at 4:10 PM, paradoxx said:

hi. Could you add an option to see the Total and Average Power Consumption in a moment. It would be especially useful to add to External applications so that the values have been writing to the registry for using with other programs like Rainmeter? 

Do you mean a counter of total PSU power consumption over a certain period of time, and to produce a Wh (Watts per hour) value from it?

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yes, exactly that, to measure Wh or (kWh) to any moment of time, to see how much the energy (money) a PC consumed to certain moment.

It's about Total, but Average power consumption would be very useful as well. It would calculate the consumption from any new system startup.

For instance, like the vehicles have total fuel consumption (from-to a point) and average (of driving from-to the point).


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