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Asus ROG X370-F Strix Sensor problem


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I recently updated my motherboard to an ROG X370-F Strix. Even the current version and beta 5.92.4391 shows abnormal Temperatures, Cooling Fans and Voltage Values  (BOLD)

Motherboard    -1 °C  (30 °F)
CPU    -18 °C  (-0 °F)

CPU Diode    28 °C  (82 °F)
Chipset    58 °C  (136 °F)
GPU Diode    39 °C  (102 °F)
HGST HTS725050A7E630    27 °C  (81 °F)
Cooling Fans    
CPU    2836 RPM
Chassis #1    11 RPM
Chassis #2    10 RPM

GPU    0 RPM  (0%)
Voltage Values    
CPU Core    0.875 V
CPU VID    0.875 V
CPU VDD    1.119 V
CPU VDDNB    1.050 V
+3.3 V    4.186 V
+5 V    5.232 V
+12 V    16.677 V

GPU Core    0.650 V


The same time - HWMonitor & HWinfo - shows normal values, except PSU rails, which are not monitored.



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There seems to be a MMIO communication issue affecting your motherboard.  We've contacted Asus to find out what shall we do in order to fix this up on our end -- or whether this is due to a BIOS bug that Asus will fix soon.  I'll let you know in this topic once we have an update to this.

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The reason is the problem caught in the rush of many system owners on AMD Ryzen + Creative X-Fi sondcards. And as I understand it happened with the release of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 1709. More details can be found here - Creative X-Fi Soundcards and Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 1709 = Complete Disaster / Not Working.

I also ran into this problem, but did not associate it with the strange values of the sensors in Aida64. So, when I unveil a sound card - all sensors show normal values.

Thank you for your responsiveness.

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