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OpenGL detection


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I think I have found some OpenGL detection errors (marked in bold).

nVidia GT240 with v280.26 (OpenGL 3.3/4.1)

OpenGL 3.3 Yes (100%)

OpenGL 4.0 No (38%)

OpenGL 4.1 No (-114%) # No (0%)

OpenGL 4.2 Yes (100%) # No (0%)

nVidia GT240 with v280.28 (OpenGL 3.3/4.2)

OpenGL 3.3 Yes (100%)

OpenGL 4.0 No (38%)

OpenGL 4.1 No (0%)

OpenGL 4.2 Yes (100%) # Yes (50%)

New in OpenGL 4.2:

GL_ARB_texture_compression_bptc = Not Supported

GL_ARB_compressed_texture_pixel_storage = Supported

GL_ARB_shader_atomic_counters = Not Supported

GL_ARB_texture_storage = Supported


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We've already done some test runs about this issue, and it seems it's due to a bug in Catalyst 11.8. No other drivers seem to be affected. In the OpenGL detection part of AIDA64, the OpenGL32.dll module throws an exception when wglCreateContext is called. Quite a weird issue...

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Display -> OpenGL is working now on both PC's.


Display -> GPGPU -> Stream: RV730 is empty because of installation errors of the AMD AGP Hotfix (APP) drivers.

The installation log show only "installation failed" but no exact error message.

As always AMD are not able to give working drivers and the installer/uninstaller is still a shame. ;)

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