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AIDA64 starts on wrong monitor after maximized->closed


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Aida64 1.80.1498

Preferences -> Layout:

Remember main window position = enabled

Remember main window size = enabled

steps to reproduce:

a) start Aida64

B) maximize the window on primary monitor (DVI)

c) close Aida64


on next start it will open maximized on the secondary monitor (HDMI->DVI)

should be:

on next start it should open maximized on the primary monitor (DVI)

With minimized or normal window it works right.


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Aida64 v2.20.1817 Beta

"Remember main window position" still not working (maximized and normal window).

It starts always on the primary display.

"Remember main window size" seems to work.

\\.\DISPLAY1 Yes (0,0) (1600,1200)

\\.\DISPLAY2 No (1600,0) (3280,1050)

Windows 7 x64 Ultimate SP1

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1) In your first post you said AIDA64 is supposed to open up on the primary monitor, but it opens up on the secondary monitor. In the second post you said it always opens up on the primary monitor. Which one is the case? :)

2) Do you configure or adjust anything about the multi-monitor setup in ForceWare, or you simply connected both monitors and use default settings? I'm just asking because we've set up a 2-display configuration with a LCD connected to DSub, and another LCD connected to DVI, but weren't able to reproduce the bug of "closing on the primary display but opening on the secondary display". Our hw config was: GT520 + Win7 64-bit SP1.



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Hello Fiery,

sorry for the late reply.

1) Because of problems with HDMI->DVI I have switched to VGA->VGA (secondary).

I don't know if this was the reason that Aida64 now starts always on the primary monitor or something was changed between v1.80.x and v2.20.x

2) I use always the custom/advanced installation and "Perform a clean installation". After that I don't change a setting.

At the moment I have v295.73 installed.

I have tried it with a new aida64.ini too.

But starting on the primary monitor is now better than on the secondary.

So it is only a low priority bug for me.

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What we've changed in Build 1778 is that now AIDA64 initially displays its main window on the center of the primary monitor, and not the center of the Desktop. It's not easy to come up with such settings that are suitable for every multi-monitor scenarios of course :)

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