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Fan Information "Chassis # 2"


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3 hours ago, tistou77 said:


I put a fan on the Chassis #2 of the Asus Rampage VI Extreme, I disabled the Chassis #2 fan monitoring in the bios, but Aida64 still indicates the information
It is not possible to disable Chassis # 2 in Aida64, since it is disabled in the bios ?


I have no idea what disabling a certian fan RPM reading is accomplished by the BIOS Setup, but most likely it just means that the BIOS Setup stops monitoring that fan.  It still could mean that the fan RPM register indicates a reading, and actually no sensor register is altered to indicate that Chassis #2 fan RPM readout is disabled.  I'm not sure what to do about such issues.  Unless of course you use the SensorPanel, OSD Panel (etc) modules where you can select which items you want to hide or show ;)

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