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Powering off USB BeadaPanel LCD Panel


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Today I received the BeadaPanel 7" LCD Panel. It works perfect and setting it up was a matter of plug&play.

One question though:

When I shut down my PC, the AIDA64 sensor page is turned off as expected, but the panel stays on with the company logo on it.

Is it possible to power off this panel, when I shut down the PC, without me having to remove the USB cable?

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I already checked that. Unfortunately I haven't found any option in my UEFI settings to stop power delivery to my USB ports on shutdown.

My motherboard is the ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero (AMD X570 platform).

I was hoping for a command I could send from within Windows 10 to the BeadaPanel to turn it off. As far as I know it runs some Linux distribution.

I see the famous Penguin logo when the panel turns on. I have no Linux knowledge though, so no clue if what I want, is possible.

Nevermind. I found the option to turn it off. It was not directly recognizable as such, but here is the UEFI setting:



ErP Ready - This item allows you to switch off some power at S4+S5 or S5 to get the system ready for ErP requirement.

When set to [Enabled], all other PME options are switched off.

Configuration options: [Disabled] [Enable(S4+S5)] [Enable(S5)]


It was on Disabled by default. I switched it to Enable(S5). S5 power state is for shut down modus.

Now my USB ports turn off their power when I shut down my PC. Perfect!

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How to turn off a BeadaPanel display(s)
when powering down your PC

Short Answer:
You can power down a BeadaPanel by editing the animation.ini file in the console folder and setting the backlight value to 0.
This will turn off the backlight in standby mode.

Full Procedure for Windows users:

1.            Disable communication with ADIA64 and the BeadaPanel.
In AIDA64: File > Preferences > General and deselect all the checkbox options,
click APPLY and Restart the PC

2.            Next you have to access the storage on the BeadaPanel,
 Run: BeadaTools11 - This file is an application (.exe) file


Open and click the BeadaTools11.exe file and it will set up a new USB drive
in Windows Explorer.
Click BeadaTools11.exe again if you have more than one BeadaPanel display.
Open the new drive and locate the animation.ini file  in the console folder.
Open the animation.ini file and set backlight = 0

3.            Power down the PC and unplug the power cord to get out of BeadaPanel's USB mode.
Power the PC and activate communication with ADIA64 and the BeadaPanel,
File > Preferences > General and select all the checkbox options, click APPLY

Restart your PC,


Example of the animation.ini file for BeadaPanels:
;Configuration file for BeadaPanel animation palying
;type                                                  = clock
;keep-aspect-ratio                           = true
;pattern                                             = ball
;valignment                                       = center
;halignment                                       = center
;time-format                                      = %r
;font-desc                                          = LCDMono2, 72
;foreground-color                              = 0xffff0000
;color                                                  = 0xffffffff

type                                                      = album
width                                                    = 800
height                                                   = 480
keep-aspect-ratio                               = true
location                                                = album
loop                                                      = true
interval                                                 = 5

; hardware configuration section
type                                                       = config

backlight                                              = 0
;rotation                                                = counterclockwise

The animation.ini file for BeadaPanel has the following attributes that control its behavior:
type: the type of animation, such as clock or album
width: the width of the animation in pixels
height: the height of the animation in pixels
keep-aspect-ratio: whether to keep the aspect ratio of the animation or not
location: the location of the media files for the animation
loop: whether to loop the animation or not
interval: the interval between each frame of the animation in seconds
backlight: the brightness of the backlight in standby mode
rotation: the rotation of the animation, such as clockwise or counterclockwise
You can edit these attributes with any text editor, such as Notepad, and save the file to change how the BeadaPanel displays the animation.

This file configures the BeadaPanel to display a clock animation with a width of 800 pixels and a height of 480 pixels,  keeping the aspect ratio. The media files for the clock animation are located in the /media/clock folder on the BeadaPanel internal storage. The animation loops and has an interval of 5 second between each frame. The backlight is turned off in standby mode and the animation is rotated counterclockwise.

An animation.ini file is a type of INI file that stores settings for an animation program or feature. An INI file is a plain text file that contains keys and values that dictate how something else should operate1. For example, the animation.ini file for BeadaPanel controls the type, size, location, loop, interval and backlight of the animation that plays on the display2. Other programs that use animation.ini files include Nemesis, a Skyrim mod that generates custom animations3, and Opera, a web browser that supports animated themes4. You can open and edit an animation.ini file with any text editor, such as Notepad.

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