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Problem With Help Of Aida64 Exterme Edition (Engineer License)


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I tried Aida64 under Win7 Enterprise Edition (64bit) - first impression - good tool !

Then I tried to find how to export the values from the SMART HD info and the temperatures and Fan speeds.

In the forum I found how to write values to the registry ... I activated it and tried to find where it wrote in the registry ...

1) I tried to go in the AIDA64 help but except of the index no help pages showed up ... why ?

2) The temperature informations can be written to the registry but not the SMART values ??? How can I export the SMART values - please ?

Best regards and thanks for some help for a AIDA64 beginner ...


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Hello again,

For the first problem with the help file - I found myself the solution - it was bloqued by the explorer - I unblocked it - ok.

The second problem where in the registry is ok now too ... but how to get out the smart values ???? This stays not clear ...

Another question - anybody having C# code for the shared memory read out ????

Thanks for some more information ...

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Hello Fiery,

sorry for posting twice a relatively similar question - anyhow I am surprised by your answer, why are certain values exportable and others are not ?

The values are existing in AIDA64 but not regularly readout from the HD ?

I wanted to use the application to test a PC in a system which had already his Harddisc broken 2 times in 4 years - so I want to try to analyse - is it a temperatur problem or are the Harddisks failing for another reason and if so I would like to avoid the breakdown of the HD and have the possibility to pre-see the upcoming problem - as I understood this should be possible through the SMART information, but therefor I need regular control of it ... is there another way of creating an alarm within Aida64 when the smartvalues show an upcoming problem ? (The system runs WinXP - I saw under Win7 there are automatically upcoming alarms due to SMART failing, but I can't change to Win7 for HW reasons)

Thanks for some more information in advance - I hope now after the detailed explanation you can better understand my need of these values.



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AIDA64 has a complex hardware monitoring module that was designed to monitor temperatures, voltages, fan speeds and power draw. It was not intended to be used as a generic monitoring layer to monitor any sorts of system values. Recently we've enhanced it to cover special values like network download and upload rate, but it's still not capable of monitoring any kind of values. BTW, AIDA64 already monitors disk drive temperatures and alerts you when they exceed a preconfigured value.

As for HDD health monitoring via SMART... We don't pursue that feature mainly because we don't trust in SMART. Most of the hard disk failures we suffered here in our labs were not predicted by SMART at all. On the other hand, we have a handful of hard disk drives where SMART says there's an imminent failure, but the drives happily continue working fine. There's a single Matrox IDE drive that's been in use for over 10 years already, with over 8 years of SMART predicted failure :) And it's still working fine today.

But in case you want to constantly monitor the SMART values of your drives, and receive an alert when SMART predicts failure, I recommend you to try specialized HDD SMART monitoring applications like HD Sentinel:


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