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Question On Gpu Monitoring Items


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Thank you!

Another question. While playing a blu-ray movie I noticed that the GPU utilization says 0% but the VE is around 65-70%. Does that mean that the GPU is being used? On the other hand when I play games GPU utilization is 70-95% while the VE is 0%. What does it mean? I should mention that what I'm trying to do is offload playing a blu-ray movie on to the GPU instead of the CPU. But my CPU, one of it's 4 cores is 100%. And I have hardware acceleration turned on in the software playing the blu-ray to use the GPU.

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Modern GPUs can be used to accelerate HD video playback, to offload that task from the CPU. So what you experience about VE utilization while playing video is very much normal.

While playing games the HD video acceleration is not utilized, but the usual graphics rendering part of the GPU (that accelerates 3D games) is under heavy load.

I'm not sure why your CPU is working at 100% while playing a Blu-ray movie. I don't think it's normal...

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