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Uncore power?


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12 hours ago, Arctucas said:

eVGA Z390 Dark.

HWMonitor shows a reading for Uncore power.

Can AIDA64 do the same?


AIDA64 does that, but in many cases it would be a negative value due to the pecularities of the power measurement logic of your CPU.  It's because the CPU can measure the following power values: CPU Package, IA Cores, GT Cores, DRAM.  Uncore power however can be calculated by substracting the last 3 values from the first one.  And due to the pecularities of the power measurement logic, the last 3 could be higher than the overall power draw of the package, leaving no room to calculate a meaningful uncore power value.

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On ‎3‎/‎29‎/‎2020 at 4:03 PM, Arctucas said:

I have Power Values for CPU Package Power, CPU IA Cores, but nothing for GT Cores or DRAM.

Would it be possible to add those and the Uncore, please?

Do you need a sensor dump?

GT Cores power measurement is only available when your CPU has an active iGPU.  DRAM power measurement is only available for certain Intel processors too.  We cannot add those just like that when the measurements are not available.

Uncore power is calculated and shown even when GT Cores or DRAM power cannot be measured.

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