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Drop performance RAM in test AIDA64 with time (Windows Sandbox issue)


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Good afternoon.
Please tell me what could be the problem. Memory performance degrades over time in a single session. After reboot, it repeats again.
No overclocking. BIOS parameters in AUTO + XMP.
Note that tests in, for example, 7zip and LinX do not record performance drops.









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9 hours ago, Arctucas said:



Does AIDA64 show temperatures of the DIMMs?


I also notice the CPU frequency and uncore frequency is different for the two memory benchmarks, and the CPU frequency is different for the GPGPU benchmarks.

Yes, heatsink

No, does not show. Modules without sensors. I measure with a thermocouple in Zalman Z9 Plus.

There is such a thing. It looks like AIDA64 takes their values according to its algorithm. In Hwinfo 4500 are stable for all processor cores and 4300 with uncore under load.



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13 hours ago, Arctucas said:

So, the processor speed is remaining constant? If BIOS setting are at DEFAULT, does that include Speedstep or various C-states being active? Perhaps Windows Power Plan is downclocking processor?

Strange that AIDA64 would show speed different from actual, but only after some time has passed.



In general, I will try to reinstall the system.  When running in Windows sandbox, the result is always normal.

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On 12/6/2020 at 2:37 PM, Ziggg said:

Everything repeated itself.
As it turned out, reinstalling the OS was not required to fix the problems. It is enough to disable Windows Sandbox in the settings OS. 

Thank you for letting us know about the resolution.

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