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USB3 Enclosure HDD's disconnect when AIDA64 is started.


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I have a Hotway 8-bay non-RAID USB 3.0 enclosure all filled with hard drives. It is connected to my motherboard USB 3.0 port (Etron driver 1.09). When I start AIDA64, alll the drives become disconnected, then they try to reconnect but Windows says that all of them need formatting then they disappear shortly after again.

It is certainly AIDA64 causing it because it happens as soon as I start aida64.

I have tried both the newest official and newest beta versions of aida64 does it with both.

Any ideas?

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I guess one of the USB passthru methods of AIDA64 (that is required to acquire SMART attributes from USB drives and USB disk enclosures) cause the controller chip in your USB enclosure to stop working. If you have time and willing to try a few things to narrow it down to one specific USB passthru method, then we can compile and send you a special AIDA64 release that allows you to try the passthru methods one by one and find the "guilty" method to let us disable it on your device.

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I have the issue where my 2 external usb 3.0 enclosures disconnect and reconnect frequently when connected by usb 3.0. I have tried everything but I have not suspected aida64 until reading this

My disconnects can happen very frequently or go hours without happening, whereas it sounds like the OP's problems were replicable every time

Could disabling SMART stuff under stability help me too?

I would be willing to work with you guys to try to figure this out

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